4 Painter Marketing Tips For Real, Fast Growth

    Aug 11, 2020

    Hiring a painter marketing agency that understands your industry inside and out is crucial for your long-term success. With several different residential and commercial services, as well as interior and exterior services – that can be impacted by your geographical location – you need a marketing partner that understands how your business operates.

    Our agency specializes in one thing, and one thing only: helping painting companies attract new customers online, through a variety of paid and organic marketing techniques and strategies. Many of the clients we work with that come to us from another agency experience high customer acquisition costs that just don’t deliver the ROI needed to operate profitably.

    Why is that? If someone tries to run campaigns without truly understanding who your ideal customer is, for both residential and commercial painting jobs, but also is unfamiliar with the variety of services offered it’s impossible for them to a) understand who to target and what the various stages of the commitment-to-contract phase are and b) what types of calls-to-action will result in high conversion rates.

    There are several painter marketing strategies that we custom tailor for our clients, with some standard practices acting as universal foundational starting points. We have highlighted four of them below, and these can all contribute to fast growth.

    1. Painter AdWords PPC Local Services Format

    When talking about fast results, a painter AdWords campaign can deliver them almost instantly, as you can attract clicks simply by bidding correctly and intelligently. A pay-per-click campaign allows you to bid for specific keywords that you want to trigger your ad.

    The amount of money you set as your max bid for each click determines how far up in the paid results you will be displayed. Because most consumers naturally gravitate towards the top listing, the bids required for that position are always going to be higher.

    You must understand how Google AdWords works because if you make one ad and target a handful of keywords that it’s not specifically optimized for you will end up paying more per click and not receive as many impressions.

    Let us explain why and how to avoid this.
 When you create a painter AdWords campaign you need to build it out very specific – creating ad sets for every keyword. This allows you to create ad copy (title and description) that include the keyword, which Google takes into consideration when assigned a Quality Score (QS) to each ad.

    A higher quality score will end up getting your ads more impressions and your overall CPC (cost-per-click) is lower. Why? Because Google rewards relevant ads, as it will provide its users with better results.

    The type of PPC ads we suggest is Local Services, which gives the prospect the option to either be directly connected to your paint company by phone or submit for more information. These leads are hot and ready to be closed.

    When we kick-off a painter AdWords campaign we can drive phone calls almost instantly because of our experienced keyword targeting, bidding, and ad optimization strategy that has been tested and perfected over the years.

    2. Painter Web Design Performance Optimization

    While your painter web design won’t magically attract visitors without active paid and organic traffic campaigns, it still plays a very important role in generating leads for your business. Your website needs to be optimized, focused on two objectives:

    Speed and Load Optimization: The Google search algorithm considers website speed. All of your pages must load fully in less than two seconds.

    Conversion Rate Optimization: Your layout and navigation, as well as your contact forms and calls-to-action, must be easily accessible on all screen sizes, with mobile a priority since the majority of traffic comes from mobile devices.

    Our team of painter web design experts can clean up your code and make slight optimizations, like compressing your images, removing unnecessary clunky code and script that isn’t used, as well as make design and layout changes that will drastically improve your conversion rates.

    We must have a fully optimized website to build the painter marketing campaign around. Spending time and money to generate highly qualified website visitors and sending them to a website that isn’t built to perform and convert is a waste of resources.

    Painter SEO will take longer to see an ROI than a pay-per-click campaign because there is generally going to be some optimization that will need to be done, and once these changes are made it can take a little bit of time before the algorithm picks them up.

    Your Google My Business listing contains the information and details about your business that can be found in the Google Maps results. These occupy the top of the organic results and they are the most desired non-paid real estate within the search results for local service businesses.

    We will typically make slight optimization changes throughout your listing, with a major focus on re-writing your description. This needs to be tailored in a specific way to help your business rank for your main keywords.

    Google reviews also play a key role in your Maps ranking, and we will dive into those below. Aside from your GMB listing, we also perform painter search engine optimization on your main website.

    While the majority of local customers are going to find your business in the Google Maps section, certain circumstances and keywords will not trigger the Maps results, showing only the traditional organic results.

    By targeting these keywords with long-form blog content that is highly optimized, we can pull more organic traffic for your business. To help your website rank, we run multiple outreach campaigns targeting specific link targets that we aim to add to your backlink profile.

    4. Painter Google Reviews Automation

    As previously mentioned, painter Google reviews are important. Anyone potentially interested in hiring your painting company is going to read your reviews first. It’s just part of the online due diligence process most consumers go through before hiring a local business.

    They want to see five-star reviews and they want to see a lot of them. So, we implement automated email sequences that ask past customers to leave a review after their painting job is completed. There are also automated follow up emails that continue to ask, while changing tone and angles, to convert the highest possible number of reviews.

    The more painter reviews your business attracts, the more attractive your business looks – to both potential customers and Google. The number of reviews your business has in addition to your average review rating is shown next to your business name in the Google Maps search results.

    A consumer will be more apt to click on your listing if you have a considerably higher amount of reviews than your competition. It’s a numbers game and many painting companies simply don’t put in the time and effort required to snowball their reviews.

    Our strategies have been developed over the years, and it’s something we handle behind the senses. You worry about your operational tasks and let us handle all of your online marketing, including collecting painter Google reviews from your past customers.

    Final Thoughts

    Are you currently implementing any of these painter marketing tips? If you would like to experience better results and see what a painter-specific marketing agency can do to help increase the number of customers your business attracts online each month, contact us immediately.

    Our painter marketing agency will look at your current traffic and strategy, and determine what can be done to provide you with the fastest results. All of our painting clients are considered partners around here – we strive to provide results that translate into long-term relationships.

    If you are interested in becoming our next partner success story claim your consultation now. We are looking forward to showing you why we are the top-rated painter marketing agency.

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