4 Auto Service Marketing Tips For Real, Fast Growth

    Aug 11, 2020

    If you are interested in fast growth, our auto service marketing service can help you dominate the top real estate on Google – both organic and paid – attracting local customers with an immediate repair or service need.

    While some marketing strategies take longer to experience results than others, our full-service approach ensures that we can quickly help you generate new business from several channels. Over time, the number of marketing channels that contribute to the rapid growth increase, delivering the kind of results you desire.

    Very auto service marketing client that we partner with has specific goals that require a custom approach in terms of strategy and execution. However, there are some strategies we can share with you that are somewhat universal and can be applied to most auto service campaigns, delivering quick results.

    The following tips can help you kick-start some quick growth online for your auto service business. These are just a few examples of the ways we help local auto service providers like yours scale their businesses by tapping into the vast amount of consumers online actively looking for a service station.

    1. Generate Real-Time Leads with Auto Service AdWords PPC

    When a local customer has an issue with his or her car they are looking for a quick solution. They need it serviced or repaired quickly to limit the inconvenience of not being able to use their car. The first place they will turn to is Google.

    With such a large amount of traffic available here, we can quickly drive customers to your business by launching an auto service AdWords campaign. By targeting keywords related to the services you provide along with your location, you can see phone calls and information requests come in almost instantly.

    We suggest one specific type of Google auto service AdWords campaign for this, and that is their Local Services format. While bidding is the same – you set a max bid for each keyword the campaign targets and pay on a per-click basis – the user behavior after the click is different.

    With a traditional PPC ad, once the ad is clicked on the consumer is sent to your website. You specify a destination URL – typically a landing page with a call-to-action relevant to the ad – and hope that the click converts into a lead or phone call.

    The Local Services ad format bypasses your website. When these ads are clicked the consumer is given two options: call your business or submit a form for more information. This type of auto service marketing delivers very warm leads.

    The phone calls are potential auto service jobs that you can book right on the phone, resulting in driving instant jobs. The form submit leads are also highly interested, and the sooner you contact them the higher the chance is of getting them to commit to a service or repair job.

    All of the Local Services calls and information requests are managed on a dedicated app, so you must have someone monitoring these. Answering the calls right away and responding to requests within minutes will help you convert a high percentage of these inquiries into customers.

    2. Optimize Your Google My Business Profile (Auto Service Google Reviews Focus)

    Right below the paid Google ads, you will find the Google Maps section. This is the first opportunity your business has at attracting organic traffic via Google search. If you type any search query related to a local service you are going to see results listed next to the map.

    You see the business name along with the average star rating and the total number of reviews the business has. Clicking on a result will open up a more detailed result, including the address, hours of operation, website, images, etc. There is also a review summary as well as a few detailed reviews listed. These are typically reviews that Google’s algorithm deems the most helpful.

    You want to be found here and you want to be found towards the top of the Maps. To accomplish this, you need a Google My Business profile that is optimized specifically for performance in the Maps results.

    Google’s local search algorithm pulls its data from GMB, so it’s important to fully complete your business listing. The description is the most important part in terms of initial discoverability. Our team of local SEO experts understands how to write descriptions that help get you maximum exposure while also helping you attract customers who engage with your listing.

    The number of auto service Google reviews you have also directly affects your ranking on the Maps. You need to have a large number of great reviews and also have recent ones. Since they play such an important role in not only rankings but also in building consumer trust, we deploy several strategies that help your business attract new auto service reviews regularly.

    3. Launch a Referral and Customer Incentive Program

    Your past customers can be the best source for new customers and all it takes is a customer loyalty program or incentive program to turn them into promoters and advocates. There are several plug-and-play options that our auto service web design team can implement for your business that will allow you to launch these initiatives.

    Something as simple as a loyalty program can be rolled out for routine auto services, such as oil changes and tire rotations. By giving your repeat customers point that can be redeemed for savings or even free services in the future, you create loyal customers that have a higher lifetime value to your business in terms of revenue.

    A referral program is also a smart auto service local marketing strategy, and you can reward customers multiple ways for sending referral business your way. From sharing coupon codes to sharing referral links on social media, we create a program that works for your business.

    Referrals are the highest quality lead, as they hear about your auto service business from a friend. This eliminates the normal barrier of trust. You are being introduced by someone they know so they are likely to trust the recommendation and use your business for their needs.

    4. Use Content Marketing for Inbound Lead Generation

    Under the paid ads and the Google Maps reside the traditional organic search results. This is an additional opportunity to get exposure for your business by ranking your website for keywords that potential customers in your area would enter when seeking the services your automotive business offers.

    Running an ongoing auto service SEO effort focused on content marketing is a great way to gradually increase your search traffic month-after-month. We say gradually because auto service search engine optimization isn’t an instant or overnight process. It takes a lot of time to build a strong foundation and begin to attract traffic.

    Constantly creating content for your blog that is optimized around keywords that will attract potential customers is something we can do in the background, while also engaging in campaigns and efforts that drive instant business – like those previously mentioned.

    An auto service local SEO content marketing strategy will take some time to ramp up, but once we have increased your website’s authority the traffic will start to amplify in numbers. When we can grow this exponentially month-over-month we not only increase your traffic and customers, but we also create a valuable asset for your business that incases in value every time new blog posts are published.

    Final Thoughts

    These are very basic auto service marketing techniques that are effective at producing quick results. When you hire an experienced agency such as ours, you benefit from years of experience as well as having a full-time team working on improving the online visibility of your auto service business.

    It takes several team members in different fields of expertise to scale an auto service marketing campaign, and most businesses don’t have the time or resources to hire for and build an internal marketing team.

    We understand the auto service industry, and this is why we are so successful at what we do. Wouldn’t you like to focus on quoting jobs and managing workflow while we worry about flooding your phones and website with service bookings and inquiries?

    If you’d like our auto service marketing team to provide you with a complimentary website audit, contact us today. There is no cost and our team can pinpoint several opportunities they see for rapid growth.

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